ipl 2022mega auction : full list of retained players, new retention rules , venue

 ipl 2022mega auction : full list of retained players, new retention rules , venue

according to reprts , the list of retained players has been prepared by most of ipl  teams but they are yet to make any announcement in this regard.     

ipl 2022 mega auction latest updates: the ipl 2022 mega auction is expected to take place in November and the bcci has already asked the ipl franchises to subm it  the list of the ipl 2022 by december 28.     

according to reports, the list of retained players has been prepared by most of the ipl teams but they are yet to make any announcement in the regard. 

ipl 2022 mega auction: kkr, rr, pbks, csk,dc, mi,rcb,srh full retain  list , new retention rule, salary purse, auction venue

where will ipl 2022 mega auction take place?

ipl 2022 mega auction is set to take place in india 

when will ipl 2022 mega auction take place? 

the bcci is yet to make any official announcement in this regard but it is expected  that ipl 2022 mega auction would  take place ni nomber .

how to watch ipl 2022 mega auction live streaming.

ipl 2022 mega auction   will  be telecast live on sony max  network.

Retail is Here for NFTs as Google Searches See New All-Time High

 The development of the non-fungible symbolic area proceeds, with the latest information showing that the quantity of Google look has arrived at another unsurpassed high.

Simultaneously, the exchanging volume on the main NFT commercial center – OpenSea – saw an enormous increase following a little while of decrease.

NFT Google Searches Through the Roof

Beside the enormous value records graphed by any semblance of BTC, ETH, SOL, BNB, and so forth, and the improved institutional and standard reception, 2021 will stand out forever as NFTs' breakout year.

Albeit non-fungible tokens were not concocted for the current year, they figured out how to accumulate the consideration of individuals and organizations from a wide range of businesses – from performers and competitors to financial backers and even legislators.

The capacity to permit well known people to fortify their associations with fans carried endless new members to the NFT space, including retail.

This story got further affirmation by Google patterns, which is ordinarily a decent sign of retail financial backers' conduct.

The number of “NFT” queries on the world’s largest search engine reached its previous peak in March, which was later duplicated in late August and early September. After a brief decline, the searches started to increase again in October and have seen a new record now.

Worldwide NFT Google Searches. Source: Google Trends
Worldwide NFT Google Searches. Source: Google Trends

The situation with “buy NFT” searches is rather similar as they have reached a new peak as well.

Worldwide Buy NFT Google Searches. Source: Google Trends
Worldwide Buy NFT Google Searches. Source: Google Trends

OpenSea’s Trading Volume

OpenSea is among the leading NFT marketplaces that exemplify the growth of the entire sector quite distinctively. Its total trading volume for the whole of 2020 was just 21 million, while the metric skyrocketed to $1 billion by April this year and reached $10 billion earlier in November.

Its daily peak came on August 29th with more than $300 million, according to DuneAnalytics. Since then, though, the trading volume was gradually declining aside from a few sudden and brief spikes.

Such was the case during the weekend when the trading volume went from below $50 million to north of $100 million. This was mainly because of an increase in sales volumes for Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, which went up by nearly 1,000% in a day.

OpenSea Daily Volume (Ethereum). Source: DuneAnalytics
OpenSea Daily Volume (Ethereum). Source: DuneAnalytics

China’s Communist Party Reportedly Expels Top Official for Supporting Crypto Mining Companies

 The public authority of China eliminated Xiao Yi – an authority addressing the Jiangxi territory – from his post after he abused the country's computerized resource arrangements. As indicated by the arraignment, he unlawfully upheld some cryptographic money mining organizations.

China Sends a Strong Signal that Crypto Mining Is Forbidden

A new report by the South China Morning Post informed that Xiao Yi – a previous bad habit director of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee – is presently don't a piece of the Communist Party administering body because of his association with computerized mining activities.

The assertion uncovered that he is the eighth common level authority to be set being scrutinized for the current year in the midst of President Xi Jinping's strengthening against debasement crusade. Among them all, Xiao Yi is the most elevated positioned lawmaker to be rebuffed for supporting activities including digital currencies.

"[Xiao] disregarded the new advancement idea and mishandled his ability to acquaint and uphold endeavors with participating in virtual money 'mining' exercises that don't meet the necessities of public modern arrangement," the Chinese government expressed.

Also, the examination viewed Xiao Yi to be blameworthy of different wrongdoings, for example, taking hush money and going to parties that might have compromised the satisfaction of his obligations. The arraignment presumed that he exchanged influence for cash and sex and gave advantages to individuals near him after they allowed him a lot of property.

Recently, the Chinese government forced a crackdown on all activities including cryptographic forms of money, with mining being one of them. Before that, the most-populated country was the worldwide mining pioneer, however, the main position presently has a place with the USA, while Kazakhstan is second.

Bitmain Stopped Shipping Mining Rigs to China

The Chinese crackdown on all that crypto arrived at Bitmain also. The Beijing-based organization, known as one of the world's biggest producers of bitcoin mining machines – uncovered last month it would presently don't convey its Antminer crypto mining apparatuses to central area China addresses.

In any case, the new arrangement didn't influence customers in abroad business sectors as the organization expressed it "is striving to guarantee the stock of clients all throughout the planet." To conform to the interest for mining hardware from across the globe, Bitmain additionally expanded its creation limit with regards to measured mining compartments – Antbox.

The association's choice to pull out from the Chinese market appears to be coherent since the nearby specialists completed a significant activity in Inner Mongolia in September. After which, they held onto 10,100 mining rigs. This was the 45th such seizure in that area, while Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai have likewise been designated previously.

Marathon Digital Plans to Buy Bitcoin and Mining Machines, Raises $500M in Debt

 One of the biggest Bitcoin mining organizations in the States – Marathon Digital – plans to raise $500 million through the issuance of senior convertible notes. The firm needs to utilize the returns to purchase bitcoin and BTC mining machines.

Established longer than 10 years prior, Marathon Digital Holdings is among the biggest public BTC mining organizations.

The company's declaration from prior to November fifteenth illustrated its arrangements to "offer, liable to showcase and different conditions, $500,000,000 total chief measure of convertible senior notes due 2026."

The organization's contribution will be a private one to qualified institutional purchasers as per Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933. On the off chance that specific conditions are met, the complete raised sum could ascend by an extra $75 million.

"Long-distance race likewise hopes to concede the underlying buyers of the notes a choice, for settlement inside a time of 13 days from, and including, the date the notes are first given, to buy up to an extra $75,000,000 chief measure of notes."

These notes will be unstable commitments of the organization and will accumulate interest payable two times a year, and will develop on December first, 2026, except if repurchased, reclaimed, or changed over prior.

The organization intends to use the net returns for "general corporate purposes, including the securing of bitcoin or bitcoin mining machines."

It's actually quite significant that Marathon won't be the first public enormous organization to raise the obligation to buy bitcoin.

Michael Saylor's NASDAQ-recorded monster – MicroStrategy – has done likewise on a couple of events, at last raising more than $1 billion to purchase BTC.

Ripple Price Analysis: Are XRP Bulls Preparing For Another Shot at $1.4?

 Key Support levels: $1.2

Key Resistance level: $1.4

If the ascending channel does not break, XRP looks primed for a rally towards the resistance at $1.4. At the time of this writing, XRP was just above the support level at $1.2 which may provide a tentative entry if the bulls come in force to take the cryptocurrency higher. The momentum and volume are low right now, but this can change in an instant considering XRP’s past performance.

Chart by TradingView

Technical Indicators

Trading Volume: Volume was low over the weekend and this hasn’t changed today as well. Despite this, the bulls were able to keep XRP above $1.2 and may push prices higher in the next few days.

RSI: The RSI is curving up on the daily timeframe which may lead to a nice rally if sustained.

MACD: On the 4-hour timeframe, the MACD is bullish, and considering that the price is at the support level, the likelihood of a rally increases. On the daily timeframe, MACD did a bearish cross on the moving averages two days ago, but this will only become a concern if the XRP price falls below the key support.

Chart by TradingView


The bias is bullish on XRP as long as the price does not fall under $1.2. The indicators are also giving some good hints that the price may move higher soon.

Short-Term Prediction for XRP Price

The most important target on the chart right now is the $1.4 level representing the key resistance. During the last push higher, the bulls were rejected by the bears before reaching this level. However, the current price action shows that bulls may be preparing for another attempt. Until then, XRP should continue to hover just above $1.2.

Bitcoin’s Strong Spot and Neutral Futures Market: Short-Term Volatility Incoming? (Onchain Analysis)

 The futures market experienced a moderate reset in the funding rate. The recent price volatility in the range between $58 and $69K has caused it to decline. However, similar to the price rally from the COVID crash in 2020, a rising macro trend in the funding rate becomes obvious.

At the same time, the momentum of the open interest has also dropped through the last two weeks of volatile price movements.

Chart by CryptoQuant

The market has the same structure that we saw in December 2020. The critical point here is that the Monthly Realized Cap Oscillator structure (the rate of realizing a profit on a 30-day basis) is not similar to that of April 2021, when the market was realizing profit equal to 5-10% of the realized cap. Currently, this metric remains below 5%, which is the same level it was in December 2020.

Chart by CryptoQuant

Studying the UTXO Change Histogram for the last 14 days can demonstrate the change of hands in the network. Almost 28% of the selling pressure was from coins that last bought between the $61.8K and $64.2K range.

Chart by tsypruyan

On the other hand, almost 58% of the selling pressure was absorbed by buyers at the range between $65.1K and $69K. Looking at these numbers, we can see that old coins are not selling aggressively currently. Also, the $60K level is expected to be strong support that should hold through possible short-term price fluctuations.

The above analysis is compiled by on-chain analyst CryptoVizArt for CryptoPotato